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Shrink Wrap Opener FREE SHIPPING

Shrink Wrap Opener FREE SHIPPING

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Nothing more frustrating then running a nice hot tub of water, undressing, and then the only thing holding you back from that heavenly soak is the darn bath bomb shrink wrap! Well not any more! Just keep one of these by your tub and you won't have anything to hold you back from that relaxing, much needed soak! Don't ruin your nails!

Made in the US from acrylic. Easy to hold. Use the tip to effortlessly open your bath bomb every time! You might even want to keep an extra on-hand and definitely one for each bathroom!

Ingredients are important to us. We read them when buying products and we know you do too. We create products with ingredients you can trust and CBD is one of those ingredients. Here's how we validate our CBD ingredient:

CBD Isolate (ingredient) Certificate of Analysis - this independent lab analysis validates the type and amount of CBD contained in the CBD isolate ingredient before it was added to any Share the Soap products. It also verifies there are no detectable types of THC contained in this CBD ingredient.

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